Trentside Apartments

2017-2019West Bridgford, NottinghamArchitecture, Build

The site was acquired in April 2018 and Detailed Planning Consent was secured in December 2018 for a new build 34 apartment scheme on a dramatic river-facing site bordering the River Trent in West Bridgford, Nottingham.

The site was historically occupied by a working men’s club and is densely populated by a large number or TPO protected mature trees. The vast majority of the trees are retained in the proposed scheme.

The scheme is arranged in two separate blocks, one facing the River Trent and containing 19 units, and the other facing Wilford Lane and containing 15 units. Both blocks are stepped in form from west to east in order to respond to the boundary of a seven storey 1960s apartment scheme to the east and a relatively recent scheme of three storey houses to the west and, further, in the case of the river-fronting block, to comply with the no-build zone adjacent to the historic flood defence walls bounding the footpath adjacent to the River Trent. These limiting criteria are used positively to create dramatic stepped geometries in the proposed blocks and associated terraced areas.